Ziptrek Social Ambassadors


Some of the awesome photos and videos you'll see shared across our social media this year will have been taken by our strange but awesome team of ambassadors!

These guys are out in the trees everyday, capturing the awesomeness that is Ziptrek life!


Patrick is from the UK and an avid traveler/keen photographer! We love his unique down-the-line shots. 

Check out his Instagram: @pjmister


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Harrison is from New Zealand and is our GoPro Hero (if you pardon the pun)! 

He's new to Instagram so give him a follow: @harrisonbrowne93

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Tameka takes a keen interest in conservation and sustainability initiatives. She also loves to spread this knowledge through her own videos!


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Gordon has previously created his own YouTube videos and cannot wait to contribute to the Ziptrek social cause.

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Jenny is an Instagram queen who loves to take photos of the natural beauty in and around Queenstown. Look out for her snaps on our social feeds.

Check out her Instagram @jennyking01

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