Ziptrek queenstown job opportunities

We're pleased to be an employer of choice for adventure and outdoor enthusiasts.


Here at Ziptrek Ecotours Queenstown we offer a variety of exciting year round and seasonal employment opportunities.


Our team is made up of passionate people from diverse backgrounds who share the common goal of ensuring we are consistently exceeding guest’s expectations while staying committed to our sustainability mandate and remaining a model for ecotourism. Our team are proud to be a part of a company that is able to provide an unparalleled and unforgettable experience in an environmentally and socially responsible way.            

Ziptrek has the most positive people working in the company. Staff Are super fun, supportive and look out for each other. company culture is exceptional and obviously the best part about working here is zipping through the trees showcasing our guests a world class sustainable product.





You get to work with awesome people and meet awesome people!  We pride ourselves on the awesome-ness of our team and our guests (just check out our team photos)


You get to work in one of most beautiful environments with some of the best scenery in the world.  Queenstown is always being voted ‘THE’ place to be. You will be able to call Queenstown your office and have better work stories than people’s vacations!


We like to celebrate, reward and recognize birthdays, promotions, great ideas, innovations, festive holiday, end of season......Basically any excuse to celebrate, we jump all over it (and there is always food involved and probably some sort of dress-up too).


The Perks - We offer discounted rates to friends and family so they can understand why we keep talking about Ziptrek.    As well as opportunity for familiarisations on many of the other incredible and cool activities that Queenstown has to offer. 


We have big ideas and aren't afraid to action them.  Primarily world domination.....but on a smaller scale! Our team come to work each day united by a mission of ‘wanting to do something that matters' and ‘making this world a better place’ for now and the generations to come. We practice what we preach (eco and sustainability) and can finish the working day feeling proud of our achievements.




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