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Frequently Asked Questions about Ziptrek Ecotours

We are situated 450m above Queenstown on Bob's Peak, providing some stunning vistas. Our Guest Services Treehouse is located 100 meters to the left of the Skyline Gondola upper terminal, just past the helipad. You can reach us via the Gondola (allow 40-60 minutes from Queenstown & 90 minutes during busy periods such as Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and school holidays.), or walking up the Tiki Trail (allow 60-90 minutes). 

Our three tours vary in length. The Kereru runs for 45 minutes-1 hour, the Moa is between 1.5-2 hours and the Kea is 2.5-3 hours in length. Check in time is 15 minutes before the tour is scheduled to start at the Ziptrek Treehouse. Please allow  40-60 minutes to travel by gondola from the base to the Ziptrek Treehouse. 

The Skyline Gondola pass is not included and can be purchased directly from the Skyline terminal building on the day of your tour, or online through Skyline Queenstown.

Ziptrek tours run in all weather conditions. Keep in mind you are entering a mixed alpine forest and whilst it does rain or snow, you are provided with some level of shelter through the tree canopy. We also have a limited supply of wet weather jackets, hats and gloves, if required. 

***UPDATED COVID RESPONSE***  Until further notice we cannot operate in the rain as this will negate the effects of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Also no guest gear will be able to be given out presently so please do ensure you dress for the weather for warm extra layers including a jacket. 

Reservations are strongly recommended. We book a maximum of 10 people on our Moa and Kea tours and a maximum of 8 people on our Kereru tours – therefore they can sell out quickly. In order to guarantee a place on tour, at a time that will work best for you, please contact our Guest Services team.

The minimum age to participate in a Ziptrek tour is 6 years of age for all Ziptrek Tours.

• There is a minimum weight limit of 30kg (65lbs) for Kea tours and a minimum weight of 20kg (44lbs) for Kereru.

• Guests under 30kg (65lbs) may zip tandem with a guide on the Moa tour only.

• The maximum weight of a guest is 125kg (275lbs) for all tours.

• Youths (6-14 years) must be accompanied on tour by a parent or guardian.


***UPDATED COVID RESPONSE*** Until further notice, the minimum weight limit is 25kg and there will be no option for tandem

We are extremely family-friendly and welcome anyone 6 years and over on all of our Ziptrek tours. Youth (6–14yrs) must be accompanied on tour by a parent or guardian.

A tandem option is available with a guide, only at their discretion, if they decide it is necessary.

***UPDATED COVID19 RESPONSE*** Until further notice, the tandem option is unavailable.

Ziptrek has custom designed and manufactured harnesses, similar to the ones used for rock climbing.  Our harnesses are a five-point full body design and are lightweight, giving all our guests the security they need and the freedom to move around when on the ziplines.

Pregnant guests may not participate in Ziptrek tours for their own safety and the safety of their unborn child.

Ziptrek Ecotours has an internationally patented braking system that is manually controlled by your guides. We can safely stop zippers no matter what the wind conditions, bringing them to a smooth and controlled stop before each treetop platform. The Kereru device slowly lowers you to the ground via a controlled descent after a 3 meter free fall. 

Yes, some of our helmets have a mount so you can take your own GoPros. If you have a camera or small video recording device you can also bring it with you.  We recommend they have a wrist or neck strap so that you can attach it to yourself when zipping. We also have GoPros available for hire. 

You will not be able to bring a backpack or any other baggage on tour with you. You will be wearing a full body harness and backpacks will interfere with this harness. We recommend you leave your personal belongings at your hotel. Capacity for “small item” storage is available at the Treehouse for the Moa and Kereru tour guests. For Kea tour guests, please bring as little as possible as all personal belongings will need to fit in the tour guide's bag which will be zipped down to the bottom with us. Alternatively you can store your bags at our booking office at 45 Camp Street, Queenstown.

Guests will have the ability to accompany friends and family to the Guest Services Treehouse and watch them zip the first line. After this, there are several opportunities to see guests zipping through the forest and dropping from the Kereru platform from the Tiki Trail. 

As it is a few degrees cooler in the forest than in Queenstown, we recommend that you dress with warm layers and for changeable conditions on the day. During the winter months, gloves, hats and warm coats are essential. Closed toe footwear is compulsory on all tours. If you have a camera or small video recording device you may bring it with you. 

As our tour area is situated on Bobs Peak, which is easily accessible with the gondola from right in the centre of Queenstown, we do not provide transfers. It is all within easy walking distance from the majority of accommodation providers in town.

Masks will be provided for both guests and staff to wear during the tour (mandatory to go on tour).  Hand sanitizer stations will be available on all launching decks and at the Treehouse. 

Our Harnesses and helmets will be cleaned and isolated for 24hrs after every guest use in line with recommendations from TIA and WorkSafe.   All areas with guest and guide interaction will be thoroughly cleaned after each group.

All guests will be required to complete their contact details and will be asked a series of questions on arrival at the Treehouse and before they can go on tour. If you feel sick or unwell prior to your tour, stay at home and contact us to re-schedule your booking at no charge. If you show symptoms or get sick in the 14 days after coming on tour, please contact us immediately.

We are advising that people considered 'At Risk' (70+, underlying health conditions, pregnant etc) should not come on tour at this time.

We have marked our platforms with 1m spacing to help you measure distance from other groups. We have also decreased our maximum tour sizing so that there will be more space on platforms. Guides will also help to let you know the best places to stand.

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