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Our Commitment


We support both the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment and Tiaki - Care for New Zealand.  Sustainability sits at the very heart of our business and is the driving force behind daily business decisions.

We are committed to continuing to lead the way, as a tourism operator, both in terms of the business activities we undertake as well as ensuring our visitors are aware of how they can help overcome the social and environmental challenges we face, both here in Queenstown and across New Zealand. 

“Queenstown’s environment is at the heart of our business and everything we do,” says the company’s  director Trent Yeo. “We couldn’t imagine living and working in this stunning environment without giving something back.”

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What does this mean at Ziptrek?

Here at Ziptrek we pride ourselves in ensuring that all our business decisions are centered around making the right call for the environment and our community as well as delivering a fun and sustainable zipline activity for our guests.

This is at the forefront of all our buying decisions, whether organic t-shirts for staff uniform, using local suppliers for all things Ziptrek related or ensuring all our marketing collateral is printed on recycled. Our decisions are based on following a specific sustainability charter rather than the cheapest offering.

We also love working with our staff in locally based social and environmental projects.  Over the years we have helped staff work overseas in Laos bringing clean water to communities, build treehouses for pre-schools and run beeswax workshops.  

Two of coolest projects we are involved in is the main sponsor for Otago for the Paper4trees program and working with non-profit organization 

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tiaki means to care for people and place.

As a visitor to New Zealand we hope you take it upon yourself to treat the people you meet and the land you explore, with respect. To find out more information about how you can make a difference, click here or watch the video below.

Nau Mai, Haere Mai Ki Aotearoa, Welcome to New Zealand

10 Years of Commitment

As Ziptrek celebrates being 10 years young this year, we are proud of our eco-credentials and what we have given back to our community. Here's just a few things we have done: 

  • Planted over 5000 native shrubs and trees on course and back into the community
  • Donated $250K to low impact organizations and volunteer charities
  • Installed a "living" green wall in our booking office.  40hrs, 2 staff, over 100 plants
  • Otago Gold Sponsor for Paper4Trees, a waste minimisation and native tree planting programme for New Zealand schools and preschools
  • Sponsor the reptile wing at Kiwi Birdlife Park to house its collection of rare and endangered wildlife, in particular tuatara and critically endangered Otago and Grand Skinks.
  • Works with Wilding & Co, a company actively removing wilding pines in the Wakatipu and turning them into pure pine essence oil. Ziptrek’s happy to sell the oil in its shop with a proportion of the proceeds going back to Wilding & Co.
  • Runs a "Sustainability corner" in our booking office selling bamboo toothbrushes, gift cards and glass keep cups.
  • Have a pest control program up on the hill (aka course area) trapping stoats and possums.


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