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calendar_todayDecember 14, 2016 at 12:00 PM

I don’t know about you but my memories of ziplining (or flying fox for some) take me back to zooming through trees whooping and hollering and randomly sticking my legs out in the air whilst my mum looked on in horror.

Thankfully Ziptrek Ecotours doesn’t operate near my parents and I got to re-live my youth in the trees with this amazing company right here in Queenstown. My friends and I walked the Tiki trail up up up to the top of the hill and caught the six line Kea Tour with Ziptrek Ecotours.

First; slip into a harness and get your groovy green or orange beanie on for warmth. Before you can say ‘strewth mate’ you’re into the trees and onto your first zipline weeeeeee!

I’ve been a fan of their’s for a while now and caught them first on Instagram with their beautiful tree top pictures. Always dreamed of being inside a adult-sized tree house? Now you can live out that fantasy for the morning or afternoon. The Kea Tour took us just under three hours to zip, hear about The Natural Step, walk down some of the beautiful forest (about a 20 min walk) and hear about all the amazing projects that Ziptrek are involved in….Kiva for one. They also have ‘locals day’ every year where they raise money for community organisations. Legends? Completely.

Zooming through the trees and learning about stuff as you go. What could be better? I know I love being a bit of a rebel when it comes to adrenaline but it seems these guys like the rebellious streak, actively encouraging hanging upside down like a monkey and behaving like Miley Cyrus (do the ride you’ll see what I mean).

And being all ‘eco’ about everything, they explain about the flora and fauna in the area and in fact if the business took everything down tomorrow, you wouldn’t even know it had been there. No mess, no impact on the landscape.

I like these guys.

A totally wonderful experience for any age and level of ‘extremo’. You don’t have to be daredevil to zip, you just have to love being outside.

Have you ever ‘zipped’? What’s your favourite outside activity in Queenstown?

Ziptrek Ecotours


I was a guest at Ziptrek Ecotours but as always my views are my own.

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