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Ziptrek Drops A Spotlight on Conservation

calendar_todayMarch 6, 2018 at 12:00 PM

This week we officially launched our brand-new tour, The Kereru.

This unique experience is comprised of two swooping ziplines and a 21 metre drop to the forest floor, all whilst learning about New Zealand’s amazing conservation story.

The story behind the tours namesake came about from New Zealand’s infamous wood pigeon.

This distinct bird represents the reason we need to highlight the importance of conservation, both locally in Queenstown and across the country.

More interestingly, the Kereru is known for eating Wineberries from native plants, which causes them to experience the sensation of being drunk, this often makes them ‘drop’ out of trees before swooping down to the forest floor, a feeling our tour mimics with it’s 21 metre drop!


As a company, education is an important core value to us and all our tours aim to educate guests in a fun and engaging way they’d never expect!

Our latest tour is no exception to that and we hope our guests take away the knowledge they learn on tour and apply it to their everyday lives to help do their bit towards sustainability and conservation.

As part of our first few tours, local agents will be helping us plant a Kereru friendly garden to attract more native wildlife to the area surrounding Bob’s Peak also known locally as ‘Gondola Hill’.

Local Kiwi Birdlife Park Manager Paul said the chances of attracting Kereru to the site, whilst slim is also completely possible and this is something Ziptrek are certainly hoping to see in the future.

Experience the Kereru for yourself and book online:

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