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Ziptrek Ecotours achieve zero carbon zipping for another year

calendar_todaySeptember 29, 2020 at 6:04 PM

Ziptrek Ecotours is stoked to announce, in time for school holidays, that it is again a carbon neutral business ensuring its guests can experience the thrill of ziplining guilt free.

 Ziptrek again commissioned the independent assessment by the good people at Ekos for its financial year 2019-20 with Ziptrek's total carbon calculation being  17.48tCO2.  As a citizen in business Ziptrek Ecotours are committed to being part of the solution so they continue to take big steps by designing out the use of energy and then offsetting their carbon (and equivalents) from all of its business operation with contribution to two projects this year.   These were the Rarakau Rainforest Conservation Project in Southland which is used for conservation management and landowner community development in Southland and Kānuka Hill Uruwhenua Native Regeneration Project.  

 It is Ziptrek’s hope that through more of its region’s businesses choosing to become carbon neutral, that local biodiversity projects could be enabled from even closer to their source, here in Queenstown.  “I think that our communities are increasingly seeing carbon neutrality as being a non-negotiable part of undertaking business.” says Trent Yeo, Owner/Director of Ziptrek Ecotours in Queenstown.

 Ziptrek was designed to be an extremely low environmental footprint from conception but, as in all audits, they chose an external partner, Ekos – what Trent calls a “carbon accountant” – to formally assess Ziptrek’s carbon footprint.   “I see us as recreational athletes, we’re doing a pretty good job already but if we want to go to the Olympics we’ll need a coach to go higher” says Trent

 Since the financial year 2019 began they have been ensuring all travel on flights with Air New Zealand are also offset with the national carrier as part of their policy of travel, in line with their FlyNeutral carbon offset programme.  They have also chosen an electricity retailer Ecotricity  which are 49% community owned, 100% renewable and also certified carbon neutral, to further increase their green partnerships. 

 Ziptrek Queenstown are continuing to look at ways to reduce their carbon emissions and the need to travel in the first instance.   “We have and will continue undertake webinar training sessions rather than needing to travel to events as part of our tourism endeavors and we have included ways for our staff to be rewarded for biking to work rather than by driving.  This is additional to the gravity fed activity and sustainable story we provide our guests and tell on each tour, allowing us to truly walk the talk” continues Trent.

The 5000+ trees/shrubs/grasses planted on their course area at Bob’s Peak and the local area, in partnership with Wakatipu Reforestation Trust are a biodiversity bonus as they are not calculated as part of the carbon count.

 “Ziptrek has always pushed itself to deliver what we see as sustainable or regenerative tourism and every day, I think we get a little bit better,” says Owner/Director Trent Yeo.

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