Locals Month

This year for ZIPTOBER we were thrilled to raise a wHopping $8,100 for the QUEENSTOWN VOLUNTEER FIRE BRIDGADE!  THAnk you to our community that came and supported us and made it possible.

What is Locals Month? We offer the local community and residents the chance to come out and experience the thrill-seeking fun of Ziptrek, for a significantly reduced rate with a percentage of the proceeds going to a local charity.


Who did we support in 2018? Having come ever so close to winning our locals day challenge last year we thought it was only right that we show our support for the great work they do to keep our local community safe and offer it to Queenstown Volunteer Fire Brigade.


What will the funds go towards? 8 of the volunteers are being sent to Auckland for 'Hot Fire" training which teaches practical hands-on experience for dealing with live fire.

They will face up to 600-degree temperatures while wearing and operating breathing apparatus to better understand how fires evolve and spread from different materials.


Who have we helped so far?   We have supported 9 local groups since we opened in 2009 and they include Lakes Family Centre, Youth Booth, Wakatipu Search & Rescue, Kiwi Birdlife Park, St Johns Ambulance, Queenstown Scouts, Wakatipu Reforestation Trust, The Branches Trust and most recently The Queenstown Volunteer Fire Brigagde, raising over a whopping $73K in total.


Watch this space for news of our 2019 locals fundraiser!


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